Commission Info

will write:

  • GxB, GxG, BxB, BxG, and romances involving non-binary characters
  • Fantasy: high fantasy, urban fantasy, science fantasy, magical realism
  • Science fiction: space opera; “20 minutes into the future”
  • Romance
  • Slice-of-life
  • Violent content
  • Visual novels, Twine stories, and RPG plots/dialogue
  • Historical fiction: I have a BA in History, specialized in early modern Europe, though I’m more than happy to write for any time period and any locale. While I’m willing to do research for historical fiction, there will be an additional fee for projects requiring large amounts of research. This will be negotiated before I begin writing; I will not add research fees after we have already decided on a price.

will not write:

  • Guro/sexualized violence
  • Incest
  • Lolicon/shotacon; romance between an adult and a minor, regardless of the genders involved
  • Romanticized abuse

These restrictions also apply to proofreading.

If you’d like to commission me, send me a message (see below) with information about your project, including the project’s word count. (For writing commissions, this will be an approximate estimate. I cannot accept writing commissions with no word count goal.) You must include your expected deadline if there is one. I will not take commissions if I believe that I will not be able to write/proofread your requested story within your deadline. Additionally, I have a minimum order length requirement of 2000 words.

I also reserve the right to not take commissions for projects which do not interest me. This isn’t anything personal; I simply believe that I will not be able to adequately do a writing job if I’m not interested in the concept behind it. That’s not fair to you. The more information you provide me (backstory, worldbuilding, character descriptions, any already-finished art assets), the more likely I am to accept your offer, and the better the finished product will be.

If you would like to see a sample of my writing with your concept, I am willing to provide one 200-600 word sample of my writing for free. Any further samples, as well as samples over 600 words, require payment at my normal rate.

Rates and rules for commercial games (all prices in USD, paid via PayPal):

  • Writing: $0.05/word. 50% estimate paid upfront, remainder paid after completion
  • Proofreading: $0.01/word, rounded down to the nearest cent; 50% paid upfront, remainder paid after completion
  • Writing research: Varies depending on the time spent researching and depth of research required; the rate will be negotiated per project.
  • If, for whatever reason, I find myself unable to finish your project with less than half of the work completed, I will give you a refund based on how much work I have completed (and many, many apologies).

You can contact me in the following ways: